About Us



So, here we are. This is a bit of an emotional one for us, because it took us a long time to get here (about three years to be more precise). Three years of defining the vision, the label and the website, perfecting the concept & design, tending to the tech & coding aspects and just putting it all together, to give you this: 

The Epic Tones Platform 

The place where it all comes together: the music, the artists, the radio, the merchandise & the community. 

We call it “platform” because it grew to be three things >>> LABEL + RADIO + SHOP 


Epic Tones Records was founded in 2014 by Pascal Junior.

He wanted to support great music and musicians and share the new sounds which he discovered and loved. So, he created the label and the support system that the artists needed to attain the recognition they deserved and the security to keep making more music, of course. That brings us here, now, still true to our mission in every single part of the platform, to “bring you the hottest unheard sounds from around the world” and we will keep on doing so with every song that we play and every action we take. 


We’ve decided to make an Epic Tones Radio to share with you the music that we love and stay true to our mission, without having to play only the music signed by Epic Tones Records. There is a lot of good music out there, so we wanted to share. The songs are carefully curated and daily updated. If they are fresh, new and they have the feeling and quality that we look for, they make it to the radio. We want the radio to be a great source of good new music for people. It’s kinda like a “new releases” playlist that you find on streaming platforms, but instead of having an algorithm creating it, we have an entire team that does it.


Was born from a desire of having physical and visual representation of the sense of community among artists and music lovers, while having a purpose and our own way of doing things. We like supporting music, musicians, communities, people that are passionate about what they are doing and care about how they are doing it. For us “The HOW” is just as important as “ The WHY” and “ The WHAT”, so we made every piece of merchandise in the Epic Tones Shop sustainable and environmentally friendly.

That means we only have products that are made from 100% pure organic cotton or recycled cotton/ polyester, that are purchased through fair trade and are recyclable and biodegradable. It was very important for us that in the act of choosing our merch, you make a contribution to protecting the environment, supporting farmers, small-business owners and the music that you love. 

So, this is it, our platform. A place of our own, where we can bring people together connected by the same values and passion for music. People that care about the music they listen to and the clothes they wear, people that dream and have music as their partner in fulfilling those dreams. After all, we support the same cause of good music.

Thank you for being here and for all your support.

Now let’s go and enjoy some music together!