ADE 2023 New Wave Of Artists

ADE 2023: New Wave Of Artists

Amsterdam Dance Event 2023: Get ready for the ultimate beat drop! 🚀

From October 18th to 22nd, the streets of Amsterdam will pulsate to beats by the freshest talents like Charlotte de Witte, A-Trak, Peggy Gou and a galaxy of others artists at ADE 2023 edition! And if you wanna dive deeper, ADE’s multidisciplinary Arts & Culture nightlife is making its dazzling return for the third year. Experience the magic of Nicole Beutler’s ATMEN theatre and get engrossed in 24classic’s revolutionary Gay Guerrilla amazing visuals.

First-time reveals already blew us away with Bicep, DJ Stingray 313 and more, but this year’s speaker line-up is just FIRE with big names like Darude, DVS1, The Femme Bass Mafia and more.

Also, cheers to Amsterdam for splashing a mountain of €2.2 million to keep the city’s nightlife vibrant and ever-evolving.

Want a taste of what’s coming? Dive into ADE 2022’s mesmerizing moments or surf the latest wave on ADE’s Instagram.

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