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Afrojack: Your Personal Music Production Coach

Afrojack Unveils Exclusive Music Production Mastery Course with Tomorrowland

Afrojack, your new personal music production mentor. Teaming up with the legendary Tomorrowland, Afrojack presents an unrivaled opportunity to master the art of electronic dance music through the comprehensive WALL Pro Academy program.

This innovative educational venture is a sophisticated expansion of the “Online Tomorrowland Academy” platform, crafted to elevate DJs and aspiring producers by sharpening their studio prowess and providing them with the insights needed to thrive in the bustling music industry. Spanning over 30 hours, the course covers an impressive spectrum of topics including production, mixing, mastering, alongside essential business skills like marketing, management and brand building.


WALL Pro Academy isn’t just about learning to mix tracks, it’s a holistic approach to shaping your career. From brand development and networking to navigating the complexities of copyright, publishing, and tax management, Afrojack’s program offers a goldmine of industry knowledge. With more than 15 years of experience at the pinnacle of music production, Afrojack is eager to share his secrets that have propelled countless tracks to billions of streams and artists to global stardom.

“I am thrilled to finally open up about my music production secrets, management strategies, and the invaluable lessons I’ve learned,” Afrojack excitedly reveals. “With a legacy of billions of streams and success in nurturing top-tier talent, I am excited to extend the proven success of WALL artist development to passionate artists and producers globally through our collaboration with Tomorrowland.”


Afrojack emphasizes the essence of his teachings, stating “It’s not just who you are, but what you know that defines your success. Everything begins with knowledge.”

Are you ready to transform your musical dreams into reality? Get into the details and enroll in WALL Pro Academy today to start your journey towards becoming a master of the music scene.

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