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Alesso To Dj At LA Galaxy’s 2024

Alesso headlines an epic collaboration with the LA Galaxy, marking a groundbreaking fusion of electronic music and soccer

Alesso’s involvement represents a bold leap for the LA Galaxy, signaling a new era where the worlds of sports and entertainment blend seamlessly. Chief Creative and Brand Officer Will Misselbrook has emphasized the club’s aim to revolutionize the MLS match-day vibe, promising fans an amazing experience that goes beyond the traditional boundaries of soccer. By integrating Alesso’s dynamic performance into the fabric of the game day, the Galaxy is not just hosting a soccer match; they’re orchestrating a full-scale entertainment spectacle. This strategic move is designed to elevate the stadium’s ambiance, engaging fans with a high-energy show that sets the stage for the highly anticipated match against Lionel Messi’s Inter Miami CF.


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This innovative partnership takes center stage at the Galaxy’s 2024 season opener against Inter Miami CF, set for Sunday, February 25th at Dignity Health Sports Park. With the Swedish DJ’s beats pulsating through the stadium, fans are in for a game day experience unlike any other, where the energy of live music and the thrill of soccer converge to create an unforgettable atmosphere.

The significance of this event extends beyond the immediate excitement of Alesso’s performance. It marks a momentous occasion in MLS history, blending the global appeal of soccer with the universal language of music. Alesso himself, a passionate soccer fan, expressed his enthusiasm for being part of such a landmark moment in the league’s evolution. The match also heralds the return of Inter Miami CF owner David Beckham to Dignity Health Sports Park, adding another layer of historical significance to the day.


Moreover, this event underscores the growing synergy between sports and entertainment industries, illustrating how such collaborations can enhance fan engagement and expand the reach of MLS to new audiences. With Alesso’s global fanbase tuning in, the league’s visibility is set to soar, showcasing the appeal of MLS beyond traditional soccer fans. As the first-ever meeting between the Galaxy and Inter Miami CF at Dignity Health Sports Park and with the added allure of Lionel Messi’s debut appearance at the venue, the match is poised to be a milestone in the 2024 MLS season.


Fans can catch all the action and Alesso’s performance live on February 25th via the MLS Season Pass on Apple TV, marking a new chapter in the fusion of soccer and entertainment that promises to captivate and energize audiences worldwide. 🎵

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