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Anyma May Ban Phones At His Shows

Anyma Considers Groundbreaking No-Phone Policy Amidst Rising Concerns Over Smartphone Overuse at Rave Events

Anyma, the powerhouse behind the sensational Afterlife events, is pondering the introduction of a no-phone policy at his shows. Known for their visually stunning performances that frequently set the internet ablaze, these events may soon see a significant shift in attendee behavior.


The rise of smartphones as the rave community’s latest controversial accessory has sparked intense discussions, with Anyma taking to social media to gauge public opinion. On Instagram, the influential DJ and producer posted a poll with options: “YES, BAN PHONES” and “NO, ALLOW PHONES.” As of now, the pro-ban sentiment leads with 9,388 likes against 1,823 who prefer to keep their phones.


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This initiative reflects a growing concern over excessive smartphone use, which not only raises privacy issues but also threatens the genuine atmosphere of live music experiences. Industry peers like MEDUZA and James Hype have already initiated campaigns in late 2023 to curb excessive filming at events, promoting a more authentic club culture. Similarly, the electronic music group Wavedash has advocated for less social media usage, asking fans to cover their phone cameras with stickers that boldly state “Social media? No thanks.”


Further endorsing this trend, renowned DJ and event organizer Damian Lazarus recently implemented a no-phone rule at his Hï Ibiza summer residency, setting a new standard on the iconic Spanish island. Meanwhile, Miami’s famed Club Space is also preparing to host its first-ever no-phone rave, highlighting a growing movement towards more immersive and undistracted event experiences.


While Anyma’s final decision on adopting a no-phone policy remains uncertain, implementing such a rule could potentially diminish the viral impact of his shows’ spectacular visuals, possibly affecting his brand’s influence in the live music industry.

Stay tuned to Anyma’s social platforms for updates on this evolving story, and join the conversation about the balance between connectivity and authentic live music experiences.

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