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Applications Open For Help Musicians & DJ Mag’s EMA

Applications Open For Help Musicians & DJ Mag Launch Groundbreaking Electronic Music Award

Applications open! Are you an up-and-coming electronic music artist looking to turbocharge your career? Get into the exciting opportunity with Help Musicians and DJ Mag’s pioneering Electronic Music Award. Designed specifically for early-career artists within the UK, this unique initiative offers a comprehensive 12-month career accelerator program.


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Empowering Electronic Talents with Essential Resources

The Electronic Music Award, in collaboration with DJ Mag, is set to empower 30 dynamic electronic music creators. Each selected artist will benefit from an impressive package, including up to £3,000 to fund a specific music project. This it’s a gateway to fostering crucial industry relationships and gaining insider knowledge that could set you apart.

Comprehensive Support Tailored for Aspiring Artists

Recipients will also tap into invaluable 1-on-1 business advice from seasoned industry experts and gain access to a bespoke eight-session online course, focusing on music business skills essential for thriving in the electronic scene. This is a golden chance to enhance your understanding and master the art of navigating the music industry landscape.


Inclusion and Opportunity at the Heart of the Award

Help Musicians champions a selection process that celebrates diversity. The aim’s to back creators from all walks of life, including different genders, sexual orientations and musicians representing the global majority. The goal? To level the playing field and ensure every talented artist gets their shot at success.

Designed Based on Real Challenges

The program is sculpted around the latest insights from the Musicians’ Census, addressing common hurdles like erratic income, debt vulnerability and the emotional toll of the industry. Also, the connectivity and community are crucial. This award is crafted to help you overcome these barriers, enabling you to make strategic, long-term career moves.


Expert Panel and Industry-Wide Support

A distinguished panel of experts from across the electronic music ecosystem will select the awardees. Additionally, selected artists will receive exclusive in-person support and the chance to spotlight their projects through DJ Mag, benefiting from one-on-one industry interactions, networking tips and editorial exposure.

Apply Now to Elevate Your Electronic Music Journey

This is your moment to shine in the electronic and dance music genres. Ready to elevate your artistic journey? Applications are open, so, submit yours today and find more details about eligibility and what our panel seeks in the next wave of electronic music innovators.


“We are ecstatic to partner with Help Musicians for the inaugural Electronic Music Award” says Iain McGoldrick, Head of Business Development at DJ Mag. “At a time when arts funding is scarce, we’re committed to nurturing the talents of electronic music artists and equipping them with the tools for success.”

Laurie Oliva, Director of Services and Research at Help Musicians, adds “Collaborating with DJ Mag, a leader with profound insight into the electronic scene, enhances the Award’s impact, propelling careers forward significantly.”

Applications open here and begin your journey to becoming a powerhouse in the electronic music industry!

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