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ATB Trance Icon Announces Final Studio Album

ATB, the visionary force behind countless trance anthems, has unveiled plans for his ultimate studio album

ATB, the German dance music virtuoso plans to release this final album in 2025, with specifics on the release date still pending. With a discography that includes 10 studio albums and over 55 Gold and Platinum certifications, the DJ’s music has consistently captivated and charmed audiences worldwide. His tracks, such as the iconic “9PM (Till I Come)” and the rapturous “Ecstasy,” have become seminal tracks in the annals of trance music, resonating across generations.


Reflecting on his motivation for his enduring musical journey, ATB shared in a 2021 interview “From a young age, I was fascinated with crafting new melodies. It’s been a lifelong passion to create tunes that stand the test of time. Knowing my music has helped people through tough times reaffirms my purpose in music, it’s about making a positive impact in others’ lives.”


As he prepares to bid farewell to studio recordings, ATB isn’t slowing down yet. He kicks off the “Don’t Stop” tour in 2024, a fittingly ironic title for his farewell circuit. This summer tour promises a blend of classic ATB hits and exclusive previews of yet-to-be-released tracks from his upcoming album.


Fans eager to experience this final tour can view the full schedule of dates and secure their tickets now.

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