Avicii's Legacy: New Event For 2023

Avicii’s Legacy: New Event For 2023

Avicii’s Legacy Glows Brighter: The Tim Bergling Foundation Strikes Again! 

Tune into a nostalgic journey as the ‘Tim Bergling Foundation’ prepares to turn up the dazzle, promising to illuminate the night skies akin to an ageless Avicii’s beat echoing at a midsummer music fest.

Tragedy touched the world of dance music when the iconic Avicii, also known as Tim Bergling, heartbreakingly ended his own life in 2018. Rising like a phoenix from this sorrow, his family initiated “Together For A Better Day.” This beacon of hope aims to shatter the chains of mental health stigma and amplify the dialogue around youth suicide.

The premiere concert in 2021 wasn’t just an event; it was an emotive commemoration of Avicii’s rich legacy, held in the heart of his native Stockholm.

As the calendar pages turn to this year’s edition of “Together For A Better Day,” the stakes are even higher. Picture this: a harmonious blend of diverse genres, all coming alive under the dome of the mesmerizing Avicii Arena. Notably the world’s largest spherical marvel, this arena proudly dons Avicii’s name, paying homage to a maestro who forever reshaped the music landscape.

And the artist lineup? Nothing short of electric! Get ready to groove to the beats of Yung Lean, Griff, Thomas Stenström, Cherrie, Cleo and not to forget – Dan Tyminski – the voice behind Avicii’s timeless track “Hey Brother.”

Marking its return on World Mental Health Day, the ‘Tim Bergling Foundation’ remains steadfast in its mission. It’s not just about the beats or the melodies, it’s a movement. Recognizing suicide as a pressing global health issue, they’re inviting us all to come “Together For A Better Day.”


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Let’s dance, celebrate and make a difference. 🌟

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