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Cercle To Bring Series Of 360° Traveling Concerts

Cercle ‘s groundbreaking new venture, Cercle Odyssey

Cercle Odyssey – this Paris-based production powerhouse is redefining the concert experience with an amazing audiovisual spectacle set to captivate audiences worldwide in 2025.

Imagine entering a colossal concert arena, enveloped by towering screens, some stretching up to 40 feet high and 180 feet long. These massive displays envelop you in a dynamic, high-definition visual journey that synchronizes flawlessly with the pulsating beats of the music. This will be a full-sensory immersion, designed to make you feel as though you are part of the performance itself.

In an era where digital distractions are the norm, this show introduces a transformative no-phone policy to enhance the concert experience. This policy promotes a deeper, more authentic connection among attendees, echoing a growing movement within the electronic dance music scene to encourage fans to engage more fully in the moment.


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Scheduled to debut in 2025, as reported by Billboard, the show will be a 360° amazing experience that brings fans closer to the innovative world Cercle has crafted for the dance music community globally. Derek Barbolla, the visionary founder of Cercle, is passionate about bridging the gap between the music, the visual narrative, and the audience’s emotional response. “My current obsession is to forge the shortest connection between the music played by the artist, the video narrative we present live, and the audience’s emotions” Barbolla explains. “This level of integration is still largely untapped in the entertainment industry. If I can move our audience to tears by the end of a show, I’ll consider it a triumph.”


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