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Charlotte De Witte Launches New Label ‘Époque’

Charlotte de Witte, already a luminary figure at the helm of the acclaimed KNTXT brand, has unveiled her latest venture in the music industry: the introduction of a new record label, ‘Époque’

Charlotte de Witte’s ‘Époque’ stands as a testament and dedication to the techno scene. With a vision to honor and rejuvenate the essence of techno music, Époque aims to inject new life into the beloved tracks that once electrified Belgium’s underground clubs in the late 1990s and early 2000s, offering a modern twist to these timeless beats. “Époque is a Belgian label and a tribute to our nightclub culture.” de Witte remarks: “In partnership with various clubs and labels, both historical and current, we aim to recapture the essence and vibrancy of our cherished discotheque days. Époque will revitalize iconic tracks, resurrect dance floor hits, and meld clubbing memories with contemporary electronic music flair.”


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The launch of Époque is set to be marked by a significant release: Charlotte de Witte’s own rendition of the iconic “Universal Nation.” Originally a B-side gem by Push, this track rose to legendary status, defining a whole era in techno music. De Witte’s fresh take on “Universal Nation” promises to be a groundbreaking addition to the techno universe, infusing the classic with her unique artistic vision. This much-anticipated rework is scheduled to debut on Époque on January 25th, 2024 and fans can pre-save the track now to be part of this historic moment.

Charlotte De Witte

As Époque prepares to make its mark on the techno world, it stands as a beacon of innovation, nostalgia and evolution, all woven together by the masterful hands of Charlotte de Witte. This new label venture it’s a journey through time, celebrating the rich legacy of techno while paving the way for its vibrant future.

Charlotte De Witte

Stay tuned for Époque’s inaugural release and witness the evolution of techno through the vision of one of its most influential architects.

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