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Chicane Reworks 1996 Trance Classic ‘Offshore’

Chicane unveils two spellbinding symphonic versions of the 1996 trance anthem, ‘Offshore’

Chicane introduces the ‘Symphonic Rehearsal Mix’ and the ‘DC Symphonic Rehearsal Mix’, in a fusion of past and present, offering a fresh, orchestral perspective on the iconic track from his groundbreaking debut album, ‘Far From the Maddening Crowds’. This album, a cornerstone in the trance music genre, celebrated its 25th anniversary with a special edition release in 2022, marking a milestone in Chicane’s illustrious career.


The past year has been monumental for the DJ, the stage name of English producer and musician Nicholas Bracegirdle. His timeless 1999 hit ‘Saltwater’ found new life in the modern electronic scene. It was captivatingly covered by Courtesy on her debut album and received an innovative remix by Young Marco featuring Moya Brennan. This remix, which includes the enchanting vocals of Moya Brennan, made its grand debut in Young Marco’s set at the Dekmantel festival, showcasing Chicane’s enduring influence on the electronic music landscape.


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June of last year saw the DJ expand his musical repertoire with the release of his ninth studio album, ‘Nevertheless’. This album ventures into more downtempo territories, showcasing the artist versatility and his ability to evolve his sound while staying true to his trance roots.


Enjoy yourself in the orchestral beauty of ‘Offshore’ through its two new symphonic renditions. These tracks are not just a nod to Chicane’s rich musical heritage but also a forward-looking exploration that bridges the gap between classical and electronic music.

Click below to experience the transformative power of these symphonic masterpieces. 🎵🎵🎵

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