Coachella fined $117,000 for breaking city curfew three times | Epic Tones

Coachella fined $117,000 for breaking city curfew three times

Coachella was recently hit with a hefty $117,000 fine for breaching the agreement they had set up in 2013 with their host city of Indio, California.

Despite having two separate curfews on Friday and Saturday nights which were 1 AM PST respectively; performances ran past these times by 25 minutes each night – most significantly during Frank Ocean’s headline act on Sunday evening wrapping up around 25 minutes after midnight Pacific time – resulting in substantial fines to go towards public works projects in the city such as fire departments and infrastructure work.

After a harrowing delay resulting from Frank Ocean’s on-site ankle injury during rehearsals, the audience was rewarded with an extra hour of sweet tunes to close out this remarkable act at Coachella 2023. The show must go on and still another weekend is yet to unfold as we await confirmation of what lies in store for us come Friday 21st through Sunday 23rd April.