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Funktion-One For Electronic Music

Funktion-One Unveils Evo 2 at ISE 2024, Barcelona – The Latest Audio Revolution

Funktion-One reveals its cutting-edge Evo 2, the newest gem in its prestigious Evo Series lineage, in an exciting unveiling at ISE 2024 in Barcelona. Born from the legendary Res 2, an iconic piece that has marked Funktion-One’s innovative journey over the past quarter-century, Evo 2 emerges as a beacon of versatility and high-fidelity sound.


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Evo 2 – the Spotlight of Sound Innovation

This revolutionary medium dispersion, fully horn-loaded, 3-way loudspeaker, is a testament to the sound system relentless pursuit of excellence. Incorporating the latest driver technology and precision tuning, Evo 2 sets a new standard for sound quality. Experience the Evo 2 firsthand through engaging hourly demonstrations at Stand 7G800, beginning at 10:25 am daily.

Tony Andrews, the visionary founder of Funktion-One, shares his enthusiasm: “Launching Evo 2 at ISE marks a significant milestone. We’ve pushed the boundaries to achieve unparalleled performance in a compact loudspeaker. Expect unmatched clarity, precision, and consistency. Hearing is believing.”

Versatility Meets Performance

Evo 2’s exceptional adaptability and performance make it the ideal choice for a myriad of applications, from dynamic live events to sophisticated installations. Whether it’s anchoring a four-point club system, enhancing medium-sized venues as a flown array, or integrating seamlessly with Vero, Evo, or Vero VX systems, Evo 2 excels. Its innovative Butterfly Plate rigging system ensures effortless setup, offering flexibility for ground stacking or aerial configurations.

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Elevating Event Technology

Alongside Evo 2, the amazing sound system introduces the Tour Rack, a rugged, road-ready amplifier rack designed for top-tier system control and amplification. Hosting three high-power 4-channel DSP-enabled amplifiers, it’s a comprehensive solution for rental demands. Funktion-One’s Projection system design software, also featured at ISE, revolutionizes array design with its user-friendly interface, ensuring optimal audience coverage and system optimization.

Discover Funktion-One at ISE 2024: Visit Hall 7 Stand G800 to explore the Evo 2, Tour Rack and the innovative Projection software. Funktion-One it’s an auditory experience, crafting unparalleled audio landscapes for clubs and festivals worldwide.

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Fly:Tech Soundsystem: The Future of Event Technology in Romania

Fly:Tech Soundsystem, a pioneering force since 2017, is redefining the event technology landscape with innovative solutions and creative flair. Specializing in Funktion-One systems, including the latest Evolution 6E and AX-88 acoustic enclosures paired with F124 and F218mk2 bass units, Fly:Tech delivers pristine soundscapes for every occasion. Beyond audio, their expertise extends to professional lighting, laser projectors and DJ setups, crafting unforgettable audio-visual experiences.

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Embrace the future of music and events with Funktion-One and Fly:Tech Soundsystem where quality sound meets creativity and innovation. 🎵🎵🎵

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