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House Music Is Most Popular Club Genre In UK

House Music as the reigning king of club beats across the UK

House Music – This revelation springs from an in-depth event analysis, tapping into the pulse of 2024’s club scene through Resident Advisor’s extensive database. The findings? House music leads the pack, orchestrating the rhythm of nightlife with a staggering 2,203 events in the heart of nine out of 16 pulsating UK cities including London, Nottingham, Manchester, Leeds, Brighton, Bristol, Liverpool, Cardiff and Edinburgh.

House Music

While house music claims its throne, techno dances closely behind, ruling the roost in Newcastle, Belfast, Glasgow and Aberdeen with 1,375 amazing events in 2024 alone, securing its spot as a formidable second overall. Not to be outdone, Sheffield sways to the sophisticated tunes of jazz, marking it as the city’s second love.

Birmingham emerges as the eclectic soul of the UK’s music scene, showcasing a diverse palette where drum & bass beats out the competition as the most beloved club genre, with Afrobeats and grime not far behind in the popularity race. Meanwhile, Dundee grooves to the retro beats of disco, setting itself apart with its unique musical taste.

For those eager to dive deeper into the beats that move the UK, an informative infographic and the complete A2D2 study await your gaze.

House Music

Amidst this celebration of contemporary beats, it’s crucial to honor the roots from which house music sprang. A nod to history was made last year with a passionate petition to save the iconic Chicago building that once housed The Warehouse – the birthplace of house music, illustrating the genre’s enduring legacy and influence.

For aficionados and newcomers alike, DJ Mag’s recent mini-documentary on Ultra Naté’s anthem ‘Free’ offers a glimpse into the soul-stirring world of house music, inviting viewers to explore the depths of this genre’s rich history and vibrant culture. 🎵

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