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Ibiza’s Amazing Club Culture: From Early 80s Till Now

Ibiza’s Electric Pulse with BBC’s Latest Podcast Sensation

The island transformation into an electronic music haven began in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

‘Ibiza: What’s the Big Deal’. Hosted by the dynamic Sarah Story of Radio 1 Future Dance fame, this electrifying eight-part series is your ultimate guide to the pulsating world of the island clubbing paradise, especially tailored for the vibrant youth gearing up for their inaugural island escapade.

Explore each facet of the island legendary nightlife scene in this captivating series. From the mesmerizing Balearic sunsets at Café Mambo to the wild thrills of iconic venues like Pikes and Manumission, this series is an auditory journey through the very soul of the island music and arts legacy, shaped by its original hippy travelers.


Embark on a nostalgic trip as the series delves into Radio 1 and BBC’s deep-rooted bond with the island scintillating summer vibe. Experience a virtual night out at HÏ Ibiza, crowned the top club in the 2023 DJ Mag Top 100 Clubs reader poll and groove to timeless classics that have defined the island’s soundscape.

But it’s not all beats and parties, the podcast probes crucial questions. What truly makes the ultimate night out on the island? And in the wake of soaring prices, is the quintessential island experience now a distant dream for the average party-goer?

Lending their voices to this melodious saga are a host of influential figures, the legends and the trailblazers of Ibiza’s electronic music scene. Hear from industry giants like Pete Tong, David Guetta, Eats Everything, Judge Jules, Fat Tony and Norman Cook, alongside rising stars like Greta Levaka, Jaguar, ALISHA, LF System, Sam Divine, and Arielle Free. Adding depth to the narrative is DJ Mag tech and Ibiza editor, Mick Wilson.

Sarah Story encapsulates the essence of the series, saying “Ibiza is an enchanting realm. For many Radio 1 listeners, we’re the gateway to this iconic destination, sparking their journey to this global dance hotspot. Our podcast is a vibrant ode to Ibiza, capturing its evolution and present-day allure for the next-gen ravers. From the extraordinary to the outrageous, we’re redefining Ibiza for our youthful audience.”



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Ready to get yourself in Ibiza’s heartbeat?  All episodes are available now for your listening pleasure, here.

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