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Jonathan Kidd’s Nr. 1 Trending Track

Jonathan Kidd: Malaysia’s Techno Maestro Takes the Music Scene by Storm

The dynamic world of music and DJing has found its newest sensation in Jonathan Kidd, a brilliant DJ and music producer hailing from the heart of Malaysia. With a unique flair for weaving the raw energy of techno with diverse genre elements, Kidd is rapidly creating ripples in the music pond.

Perhaps one of the most notable achievements of this techno genius was the release of his smash-hit track, ‘WTF Do DJs Actually Do’. Inspired by a viral TikTok meme, this track wasn’t just a musical piece – it was a statement. “While many DJs and music producers were displaying their prowess through videos, I noticed a gap. There was hardly anyone merging the intense, dark undertones of hard techno,” explains Kidd.


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And turn heads, it did! With overwhelming support pouring in from top-tier DJs and music producers like DAX J, PERSES, Versus (USA) and Paul Clark (UK) the track has undoubtedly struck a chord. Additionally, Brutish Heavy Music’s YouTube channel now features this electrifying number, further cementing Jonathan Kidd’s rising stardom.

Jonathan Kidd isn’t one to rest on his laurels with a promise of delivering more unexpected, heart-thumping tracks in the pipeline, fans have much to look forward to. And for those who can’t get enough of ‘WTF Do DJs Actually Do‘, the track is now up for grabs! Dive deep into Kidd’s mesmerizing musical universe by streaming or downloading it for free on SoundCloud and YouTube.

Hold onto your headphones, folks, as Jonathan Kidd is set to redefine the techno landscape. With talent like his, the future sounds incredibly promising and undoubtedly, dance-worthy! 😁🎶

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