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Kerri Chandler Releases 73 Free Tracks

Kerri Chandler, the renowned house music icon, has unveiled an extraordinary collection of 73 tracks available for free download on Bandcamp

Kerri Chandler took to social media to express his sentiments, “On the occasion of what would have marked my Dad’s 73rd birthday, I wish to extend my heartfelt thanks to all who have stood by me and my Father throughout our musical voyages. Also, a loving Happy Birthday to my father, ‘Joseph E. Chandler Jr.’—omitting the ‘E’ would have been unforgivable.” This remarkable release, dubbed the ‘Dad Giveaway,’ coincides with what would have been the 73rd birthday of his late father, Joseph E. Chandler Jr., on Tuesday, 27th February. This heartfelt tribute not only honors his father’s substantial impact on his musical journey but also serves as a token of gratitude towards the fans who have supported their careers.


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The ‘Dad Giveaway’ compilation encompasses a variety of WAV files, showcasing Chandler’s brilliance with edits, remixes, and original tracks. This exclusive collection features reinterpretations of songs by the iconic Nina Simone, the distinguished vocalist Arnold Jarvis, and the rising star of electronic music, Marissa Guzman.

Kerri Chandler

In addition, 2023 saw Chandler as a headline act at Scotland’s prestigious FLY Open Air festival, offering attendees a taste of his electrifying performances. Fans can also relive his captivating live mix online, as well as revisit his acclaimed reel-to-reel tape performance at The Roundhouse, London, in 2022. That year, DJ Mag delved into the narrative of Chandler’s much-anticipated album ‘Spaces And Places’ with a comprehensive feature, providing insights into the creative process behind the album.

Kerri Chandler

Fans can dive into the full tracklist and download the entire collection through the provided link, here. 🎵

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