Linett Kamala: The Future Of Women In Soundsystem Is Now

Linett Kamala: The Future Of Women In Soundsystem Is Now

Original Sounds Collective, a ground-breaking mentorship program led by Notting Hill Carnival pioneer Linett Kamala, aims to bring more women into the male-dominated world of soundsystem culture. Supported by Guinness, the program offers specialized training, hands-on experiences and equipment access.

Kamala, who first performed at Notting Hill Carnival at age 14, emphasizes that women have always contributed to soundsystem culture but have remained largely invisible. She and other industry leaders like Dubplate Pearl and Ella Davidson-Smith will mentor selected participants, offering networking opportunities and skill development. “One of the main barriers for women is isolation. The program aims to build a strong community and encourage courageous steps forward,” said Kamala.

Original Sounds Collective not only provides skill-building but also fosters a unique blend of individual talents within a collective setting. The program is expected to reopen for new applications soon.

Interested in joining the soundsystem scene as a woman? Keep an eye out for Original Sounds Collective — your gateway to an empowering network and career.

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