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Mahmut Orhan Announces Debut Album “Pangea”

Mahmut Orhan Presents “Pangea”: A Global Dance Odyssey 

Mahmut Orhan, the Turkish electronic music sensation is set to captivate the world with his debut album, “Pangea.” This groundbreaking release, including the mesmerizing lead single “Andalusian,” is poised to redefine the electronic music landscape.

Mahmut Orhan

As 2024 unfolds, Orhan presents his most visionary project to date, with “Pangea” gearing up for a grand reveal in late March. This album, named after the prehistoric supercontinent, is a testament to Orhan’s extraordinary talent in merging diverse global sounds, symbolizing his journey beyond geographical limits into the heart of universal dance music.

Mahmut Orhan

The buzz surrounding “Pangea” has been ignited by the entrancing single “Andalusian,” created in collaboration with Lebanese singer-songwriter Ribale Wehbé. This track is a masterful concoction of indie dance, melodic techno and Middle Eastern psytrance. It’s a stunning showcase of layered cinematic synths and deeply moving vocals, setting a new standard in the genre.

Mahmut Orhan

Tracing back to his 2016 hit “Feel,” it’s evident that 2024 is a pivotal year for Orhan, marking a significant leap in his trajectory towards global acclaim. This claim is further solidified with the exciting news of his performance at the iconic Coachella festival in Indio this April. Eager fans are counting down to March 22nd, 2024, when “Pangea” will be available via Ultra Records.


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Dive into the world of Mahmut Orhan with “Andalusian” now streaming on all major platforms.

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