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Meduza New 2023 Single “Musica”

Meduza‘s Latest Hit ‘Musica’: The Dance Anthem Reigniting the Floors

After a scintillating summer that saw the meteoric rise of Meduza, the electronic music maestros have yet again set the bar high with their latest masterpiece, ‘Musica’. Following the thunderous success of their self-titled EP, a mesmerizing residency at the iconic Hi Ibiza and electrifying sold-out shows at The Brooklyn Mirage and Studio338 London, Meduza has returned to AETERNA, bringing with them a track that’s already become a cornerstone of their live performances.


‘Musica’ emerges as a hypnotic journey, a blend of ethereal vocals and a deep, pulsating rhythm that captivates and energizes. This track stands out as a dancefloor dynamo, a fusion of ambient silence and adrenaline-pumping beats. The inclusion of winding sirens sets a tantalizing tone, creating an aura of anticipation that explodes into a rhythmic, heart-thumping experience. Meduza’s signature sound, a testament to their seasoned artistry, is evident in every note and beat of this electrifying anthem.


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Getting into the essence of ‘Musica’, Meduza shares “’Musica’ is that kind of track that electrifies every dancefloor. Whether it’s the opening act, the mid-show energizer, or the climactic finale, it resonates massively. It’s more than a song; it’s an experience that gets the crowd roaring and chanting in unison, totally immersed in the moment.”

The track is an auditory journey that resonates with the soul of every listener. Its unique blend of elements – from the hauntingly beautiful vocals to the dynamic beats – ensures that ‘Musica’ is not just heard but felt. It’s a testament to Meduza’s unparalleled ability to create music that’s not only heard globally but also leaves a lasting impact on the electronic music scene.


Get ready to be swept away by the pulsating rhythms of ‘Musica’. Enter into this euphoric experience and let Meduza take you on a journey that redefines the boundaries of electronic music. 🔊🔊

Listen below and witness the power of a track that’s set to become an anthem for dance enthusiasts worldwide. 🔊

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