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Mixcloud Introduces Collaborative Streaming

Mixcloud has unveiled an exciting new tool for the Pro subscribers

Mixcloud new skill by Host Tagging, inspired by Instagram’s collaboration functionality, allows for seamless partnership between profiles. Once a host tag is confirmed, the content becomes available on both involved profiles. This development eliminates the redundancy of uploading identical mixes to different accounts and divides the engagement metrics such as plays and comments more equitably.


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This enhancement is set to be a game-changer for radio stations and their hosts, who frequently depend on the app for broadcasting their content. With this new feature, a dedicated ‘hosts’ tab has been introduced, making it simpler for followers to discover and enjoy their preferred programs on either the station’s app channel or the individual DJ’s page, without fragmenting the audience engagement.


Mat Clayton, the co-founder and CTO of the app, highlighted the importance of this feature “Tens of thousands of radio communities have found a home on Mixcloud. We are now taking steps to deepen the connection between stations, curators, and DJs, enhancing the app experience for everyone involved.”


Furthermore, the Host Tagging feature offers the advantage of being retroactively applicable, meaning that existing shows can now tag their hosts to unify the content across both accounts. This not only increases visibility for the hosts but also provides a unified front for audiences to interact with their favorite shows.

To learn more about how Host Tagging can transform your Mixcloud experience, visit the platform today.

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