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Musicians: 1/3 Suffer Negative Mental Wellbeing

Musicians Are Struggling About Mental Wellness In The UK Music Industry

In the dynamic rhythm of the UK music scene, a somber note resonates: a staggering one-third of UK-based musicians grapple with mental health challenges, unveils a groundbreaking report. Dubbed “The Musicians’ Mental Wellbeing Survey,” this landmark study, a collaborative masterpiece between the Musicians’ Union and Help Musicians, paints a vivid picture of the industry’s hidden struggles.

Surveying the emotional landscape of nearly 6,000 artists, the survey reveals that a quarter are teetering on the brink of a career shift in the next five years due to mental strain. This comprehensive exploration, fueled by the inaugural Musicians’ Census in Britain, sheds light on the pressing need for mental health support in the industry.

The beat of distress is louder in certain genres. Dance music artists top the chart with 34% reporting low wellbeing, followed closely by rock, alternative, rap, pop, R&B and the soulful strains of blues and jazz. Regional variations strike a chord too, with artists from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland facing more mental health hurdles.


Emerging artists, especially those at the dawn of their careers, face a tougher climb, underscoring the need for early intervention and support, championed by organizations like Help Musicians and Music Minds Matter. Financial woes play a dissonant role, with lower-earning artists (below £7,000 per year) being twice as likely to suffer from poor mental health compared to their higher-earning counterparts.

A concerning crescendo is noted among marginalized groups. LGBTQ+ and disabled artists report significantly higher rates of mental health issues, at 43% and 49% respectively.


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Chris Difford, the esteemed Ivor Novello and Grammy-nominated songwriter, now serving as the Principal Ambassador of Music Minds Matter, voices the internal conflict faced by many music creators. “The quest for a stable, creative mind is often at odds with the harsh realities of the music industry” he reflects. The need for shared experiences and support is echoed by Sarah Woods, the CEO of Help Musicians and Music Minds Matter. She emphasizes the importance of nurturing positive mental health, especially among the upcoming generation, to preempt crises.

The Musicians’ Mental Wellbeing Survey is more than a report; it’s a clarion call for action in the music industry. It urges everyone in the music sphere to unite for the cause of mental wellness.

Music creators and industry professionals in need of support are encouraged to reach out to Music Minds Matter for guidance and assistance. More info, here.

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