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New Marketplace Lets Artists Keep All Revenue

New Marketplace: Introducing AC55ID

New Marketplace – AC55ID, a groundbreaking platform where musicians and creators can showcase and sell their tunes, merchandise, and exclusive physical releases without parting with a single cent in platform fees. Yes, you read that right, AC55ID is flipping the script on traditional music sales channels by offering a zero-commission paradise for artists.

New Marketplace

Dubbed the next-generation Bandcamp, new marketplace AC55ID offers a subscription-based sanctuary for music mavens. For a modest monthly fee of just $10, artists unlock the ability to upload their digital masterpieces and tangible treasures for fans to purchase. Meanwhile, music lovers rejoice! Setting up an account costs nada, zip, zilch – freeing them to support their favorite artists directly, determining the worth of each download according to the artist’s own valuation.

New marketplace AC55ID it’s a full-service music press powerhouse. Ever dreamed of immortalizing your sound on vinyl? AC55ID harnesses the innovative Bio Vinyl technology to deliver petroleum-free vinyl productions, paving the way for eco-conscious music distribution. This bespoke service allows artists to drive fan-funded projects, tailoring every aspect of their vinyl, from the hue and heft to the jacket design, all with zero upfront costs. Once fan interest reaches a set threshold, production kicks into gear – no risk, all reward.


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And because security and transparency are the cornerstones of trust, AC55ID integrates cutting-edge blockchain technology, ensuring every transaction is clear-cut, secure and unalterable. A haven of honesty in the digital domain.

AC55ID’s CEO, James, cites inspiration from the community spirit of Bandcamp Fridays – a sentiment that has shaped AC55ID’s core mission: to hand back control to artists and labels, ensuring they keep 100% of their hard-earned cash from both digital and physical sales. This it’s a movement towards a fairer, more equitable industry for independent artists.

New Marketplace

Pitch deeper into the AC55ID universe by visiting their official website. Plus, don’t miss our in-depth analysis on how producers are navigating the tricky terrain of royalties and reclaiming their rightful earnings.

Join the vanguard of music’s future where artists thrive, fans engage and music matters. Welcome to AC55ID, where your music, your rules and your revenue reign supreme. 💿💿💿

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