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New York City 2023 New Nightlife Director

New York City Ushers in a New Era of Nightlife with Jeffrey Garcia as the Freshly Appointed Nightlife Mayor

In a dazzling move that heralds a new chapter for the city that never sleeps, New York City welcomes Jeffrey Garcia as its new nightlife mayor. This strategic appointment follows Ariel Palitz’s departure, who trailblazed as the inaugural holder of this vibrant position earlier this year.

Stepping into the limelight, Garcia takes on the role of executive director for the Office of Nightlife (ONL). His appointment, orchestrated by New York City Mayor Eric Adams, marks a significant shift, transitioning the department from the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment to the Department of Small Business Services. This pivotal change is not just a mere administrative shuffle; it’s a power play designed to streamline bureaucratic processes and supercharge Garcia’s ability to bolster the city’s glittering nightlife businesses.

Mayor Adams, in a statement brimming with optimism, underscored the transformative potential of this move. “By relocating the Office of Nightlife to SBS and slashing bureaucratic hurdles, we’re empowering nightlife venues to access the resources they need to flourish. This isn’t just a boost for them; it’s a rocket fuel for our economy’s growth.” he proclaimed. Adams further highlighted Garcia’s appointment as a strategic choice, noting his extensive experience as an entrepreneur and hospitality expert, as well as his advocacy for minority-owned businesses.

Garcia, a retired NYPD Organized Crime Control Bureau detective, is no stranger to the city’s vibrant cultural scene. He currently owns a cafe and bar in Kingsbridge, a pizzeria in Washington Heights and is known for his influential roles, including serving as president of the New York State Latino Restaurant, Bar and Lounge Association and a board member of the New York City Hospitality Alliance. In 2022, he also co-founded the Latino Cannabis Association.

Garcia’s ambitious vision extends beyond the bright lights of central Manhattan and Brooklyn. He aims to shine a spotlight on the hidden gems scattered across New York City, from the South Bronx to Staten Island and beyond. “One of my main goals is to showcase these amazing businesses and neighborhoods city-wide. I want people to explore beyond midtown Manhattan and discover the city’s diverse and vibrant locales.” Garcia shared in a Time Out New York interview.

The city’s commitment to its nightlife sector was first solidified in 2018 with the establishment of its first nightlife advisory board, following in the footsteps of global cities like Amsterdam and London. Ariel Palitz, a former club owner, led the Office of Nightlife from its inception until 2023, laying the groundwork for its future growth.



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Adding to the city’s nightlife buzz, new hotspots are popping up across the boroughs. February saw the opening of Outer Heaven, a 140-capacity club in the Bowery, while Queens’ Nowadays welcomed the Mexican restaurant The Zumbador within its indoor venue, further enriching the city’s eclectic nightlife tapestry.

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