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Newcastle DIY Club & Community Documentary

Newcastle vibrant cultural landscape with the gripping new documentary, “To The Dancers: Blood, Sweat & Music”

Newcastle cherished DIY club and communal haven, this documentary paints a vivid picture of a space where creativity and collaboration flourish. Nestled in the city’s northeast, Cobalt Studios it’s a beacon of culture, offering a co-working space that fosters innovation and a cultural hub where the arts ignite.

Helmed by the visionary Susie Davies, celebrated for her evocative 2021 Newcastle’s ’90s rave culture, “The Kick, The Snare, The Hat & A Clap”, this film is a stirring ode to the transformative power of music and movement.


“To The Dancers” takes you on an inspiring journey, highlighting the indomitable spirit of the community that bands together in the face of adversity. From the throes of gentrification to the complexities brought about by Brexit, the documentary delves into the trials and triumphs of the founders who fight to keep the music playing.

The beat goes on as “To The Dancers” sets the stage for its grand premiere at the Beeston Film Festival on April 27th. This masterpiece is scheduled to grace various film festivals throughout the year, promising to enchant audiences far and wide. Stay tuned to the documentary’s official site for the latest screenings and exciting updates.


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