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Nicky Romero’s Deep Tribute To Avicii

Nicky Romero‘s Soulful Salute to Avicii Echoes Eternally In Amsterdam’s Heart

In the enchanting city of Amsterdam, a poignant melody swept through the air, capturing hearts and souls alike. Nicky Romero, the renowned Dutch DJ and producer, delivered a deeply moving cover of “I Could Be the One” in a heartfelt tribute to the late, great Avicii. This mesmerizing performance occurred during his first-ever solo concert, aptly named “Nightvision,” at the famed AFAS Live venue on December 2nd.

Nicky Romero

Nicky Romero’s journey that evening was a showcase of his illustrious career through an awe-inspiring open-to-close set. However, the highlight of the night, and perhaps of Romero’s stage career, was his touching homage to Avicii. This musical elegy, adorned with the harmonies of a gospel choir, resonated like a delicate sapling nurtured in the fertile ground of Avicii’s creative genius. It was as if Romero had woven a wreath of melodies, laying it with reverence on the memory of Avicii.

Nicky Romero

The performance, graced with tender piano notes and the heartfelt vocal prayers of Gideon Luciana, created an acoustic sanctuary. This sanctuary vibrated with the echoes of Avicii’s unfinished symphony, a reminder of his profound impact on the music world. “One of the most emotional moments of my life” Romero shared, reflecting on the depth of the experience. He expressed a bittersweet longing, wishing to have played this song alongside Avicii rather than as a solo tribute. Romero acknowledged the deep connection and influence Avicii had on the track, admitting a sense of guilt in performing it alone. This song, he said, is a constant reminder to cherish life’s important moments and people.

The night was an emotional journey, a celebration of life and music. Nicky Romero’s tribute to Avicii at “Nightvision” was a testament to the enduring legacy of a musical legend and the unbreakable bonds formed through art.

Watch a snippet of this unforgettable performance and feel the emotion that Romero poured into every note.


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