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“No Filming” Aims To Revive Authentic Raving Culture

No filming, just living: Covert’s ‘Drop Highlight’ Sparks the Return of Genuine Clubbing Bliss, Minus the Smartphones

“No Filming” can become a real deal: Fed up with a sea of illuminated screens obscuring the pulsating heart of live events? Enter the new era of unadulterated joy with Covert, a pioneering London firm set to transform the nightlife scene. Their groundbreaking “Drop Highlight” innovation is on a mission to banish smartphones from the dance floor, rekindling the pure, undiluted spirit of traditional raving.

No filming

Wave goodbye to disruptive selfie sessions and the relentless ping of social notifications. Covert’s latest brainchild aims to teleport us back to an epoch where the rhythm was king and the connection was real, by simply “no filming”. “Our vision is simple: resurrect the golden age of raving, untouched by the digital wave,” asserts Covert in a vibrant declaration.

Here’s the lowdown: Step into a club embracing this fresh paradigm and you’ll be greeted not by a bouncer, but by an opportunity – wristbands armed with a unique QR code linking you directly to the “Drop Highlight” cosmos. Inside, instead of phone-wielding partygoers, professional videographers capture the night’s euphoria. Revelers relive the memories post-party, accessing professionally shot footage with a simple scan of their wristband.

The timing couldn’t be more perfect. The dance music sphere is ablaze with debates over privacy and the incessant glare of smartphones. Icons like MEDUZA and James Hype are amplifying the call, urging fans to ditch the screen for a more immersive, intimate experience. “The essence of house music thrives on a live, electrifying connection, not through a digital filter” the artists share, spotlighting the initiative’s heart.

The push for change isn’t just talk. Covert’s crusade was ignited by alarming statistics from a survey at the Amsterdam Dance Event – nearly 9 out of 10 attendees craved a break from their digital chains. Armed with this insight, Covert joined forces with Rhythm Horizons, setting the stage for a transformative “no filming” pilot that saw a staggering 95% adherence among partygoers.

No Filming

Now, as Rhythm Horizons weaves “Drop Highlight” into the fabric of their 2024 events, “no filming” revolution is gaining ground. Eddie De Lewis, Covert’s visionary producer, puts it best “We’re not just limiting camera use; we’re unlocking the full spectrum of live event enchantment. It’s time for attendees to immerse, connect and truly live in the beat.”

The dance floor awaits, free from the chains of your smartphone. Rediscover the music, rediscover the night, rediscover yourself. 🎵🎵

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