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Paul van Dyk & Sue McLaren Share New Single

Paul van Dyk and Sue McLaren have once again joined forces, unveiling their latest single, ‘Love Is Enough’

Paul van Dyk and Sue McLaren, the dynamic duo, renowned for their spellbinding collaborations, have outdone themselves with this latest endeavor, hot on the heels of their previous hit ‘Beautiful Life’. The release of ‘Love Is Enough’ introduces listeners to an array of auditory delights, featuring the original track along with the mesmerizing ‘Shine Mix’ and the exhilarating ‘Venture X Mix’. The music video, a whimsical creation by the visionary Adam Mason, humorously portrays Paul van Dyk in the role of a mentor at Cupid Headquarters, attempting to guide a novice in sparking romance between a new couple, with unexpected twists.

Paul van Dyk

Paul van Dyk shared his thoughts on the collaboration, expressing “Collaborating with Sue is akin to a magical journey, and ‘Love Is Enough’ captures the essence of our shared passion. Our goal was to craft an evergreen anthem that celebrates love’s unyielding strength.”

Throughout 2023, Paul van Dyk has been at the forefront of the electronic music scene, releasing a series of collaborations that have captivated audiences worldwide. This includes tracks with luminaries such as DJ Pierre, Jordan Gill, Sean & Dee, Weekend Heroes and Christian Schottstaedt, and yet another collaboration with Sue McLaren, ‘Beautiful Life’, alongside Marc van Linden.

Sue McLaren

In a heartfelt reflection, van Dyk opened up about his recovery from a life-threatening accident during a 2016 A State of Trance event. Eight years post-incident, he remains thankful for his life, despite ongoing challenges in securing the financial compensation ordered by the court from the event organizers, ALDA.

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