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Rekordbox by Pioneer DJ now seamlessly supports GoogleDrive

Exciting Update: rekordbox by Pioneer DJ Now Supports GoogleDrive for Cloud Library Sync

Attention music enthusiasts and DJs! Get ready to take your library syncing to the next level with rekordbox’s latest update. Previously, this cutting-edge software was only compatible with Dropbox for cloud storage. But now, you can seamlessly upload your tracks from rekordbox directly to GoogleDrive.

This game-changing feature is part of the brand new version of rekordbox for Mac/Windows (ver. 6.7.4), ensuring that you have the most advanced tools at your fingertips.

That’s not all! In their 2022 update (ver. 6.6.4), Pioneer DJ also introduced the ability to analyze tracks from the cloud. This means you can effortlessly manage and optimize your music collection, making your DJing experience even smoother.

But wait, there’s more! Pioneer DJ has been on a roll this year. They recently launched the rekordbox iOS app (ver. 4.0) which seamlessly integrates with popular streaming services like SoundCloud and TIDAL (subscription required). Plus, you can easily access and play the music stored on your device.

And that’s not all the exciting news. Pioneer DJ also unveiled two incredible new products earlier this year: the OPUS-QUAD, an all-in-one DJ system, and the DJ-FLX10, a cutting-edge 4-channel controller.