Arsi - Cold | Epic Tones




Introducing Arsi’s newest single ‘Cold’, a refreshing and powerful tune for serious music listeners! This track is beautifully balanced between intense layers of saxophone and smooth, minimalistic beats. It will take you on a journey through waves of sound – perfect for those who enjoy deep listening experiences.


When it comes to this single, the sounds of the saxophone are what steal the show. The instrument is skillfully crafted, creating a feeling of chill while still driving energy throughout the song. With an underlying steady beat that feels nostalgic and fragile at the same time, ‘Cold’ is the perfect combination of elements that will keep your ears intrigued. You can expect emotion-filled solos that are sure to make an impact, as well as an atmosphere that will draw out plenty of emotion.

GENRE: Chill House

RELEASE DATE: 28 April 2023

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