Bailistix - Riptide (ft. Eli Blue) | Epic Tones

Bailistix (ft. Eli Blue)



Bailistix has done it again. With the release of his new single, Riptide featuring Eli Blue, he have created a unique and captivating future house track for anyone’s listening pleasure.



Listeners will be immediately taken away by the soulful and powerful vocals of Eli Blue and hypnotic production from Bailistix. The combination is absolutely irresistible!

From the soaring melodies to ground shaking drops, this song pushes boundaries with its unpredictability while still remaining true to its future house essence. You can expect nothing but positivity from this banger as its impeccably placed breakdowns give you time to recover before getting right back into the turbocharged beat.


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GENRE: Deep House

RELEASE DATE: 20 Oct 2023

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