Gus One & Mant Deep - Girl Gone Wild | Epic Tones

Gus One & Mant Deep

Girl Gone Wild


Prepare to unleash your wild side with ‘Girl Gone Wild,’ the electrifying dance anthem brought to you by the dynamic duo Gus One and Mant Deep.



Infused with deep house vibes and pulsating rhythms, this track is a sonic journey into the heart of the night. Let the infectious beats and hypnotic melodies sweep you off your feet as you surrender to the irresistible groove. With its captivating energy and sultry undertones, ‘Girl Gone Wild’ is the ultimate invitation to let loose and embrace the moment. Get ready to dance until dawn with Gus One and Mant Deep’s irresistible masterpiece.



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GENRE: Deep House

RELEASE DATE: 23 May 2024

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