Pascal Junior - Different | Epic Tones

Pascal Junior



“Different” by Pascal Junior is a vibrant Dance electronic track that effortlessly blends Melodic House influences with infectious beats and hypnotic rhythms.


Released on Epic Tones Records, this song takes listeners on a captivating sonic journey filled with energy and emotion. From the moment the track begins, Pascal Junior’s masterful production immediately grabs attention, setting the stage for an immersive musical experience. The pulsating bassline, coupled with intricate synth melodies, creates a dynamic atmosphere that invites listeners to lose themselves in the music. As the song progresses, layers of lush instrumentation build upon each other, adding depth and texture to the composition.


Pascal Junior’s keen sense of arrangement shines through, as each element seamlessly transitions, contributing to the overall momentum of the track.


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GENRE: Dance

RELEASE DATE: 25 Apr 2024

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