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Steve Aoki 20th Anniversary Remix of “Ocean Avenue”

Steve Aoki Remix: Reviving Nostalgia with Innovation Alongside Yellowcard’s ‘Ocean Avenue’ Celebrates 20 Years of Pop-Punk Excellence

Steve Aoki did it again. So, let’s go way back – if you were a teen in 2003, you likely remember Yellowcard’s “Ocean Avenue” – a pop-punk/emo anthem that defined a generation. Fast forward to 2023 and this iconic track is getting a sensational makeover for its 20th anniversary. The band has joined forces with the legendary Steve Aoki to remix “Ocean Avenue,” propelling the classic into today’s dance music scene.

Marking two decades since Yellowcard’s major label debut, this remix it’s a revolutionary reimagining of a beloved classic. When Yellowcard’s frontman Ryan Key approached Aoki, it sparked a fusion of alt-rock and electronic vibes, creating a remix that’s both fresh and familiar.


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Yellowcard, known for their adventurous spirit in music, found a kindred spirit in Aoki, whose credentials in punk rock are unmatched. This collaboration stands out in the sea of 2000s song remakes, as it benefits from the original artists’ direct involvement, adding authenticity and depth to the new rendition.

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Aoki shared his excitement about the project, highlighting the blend of their distinct musical styles. “Working with Ryan and Yellowcard to honor ‘Ocean Avenue’s’ 20th anniversary was an exhilarating experience.” he said. The synergy of alternative rock and electronic elements in this track is not just a celebration of the past but a bold step into the future of music.

Ryan Key expressed his admiration for Aoki’s work in the alt-rock and emo scene, citing the collaboration as a significant milestone. “Steve’s infectious passion and creativity made this partnership for ‘Ocean Avenue’s’ anniversary a dream come true,” Key remarked. The band’s love for electronic music made this project a perfect match.

Steve Aoki

This groundbreaking remix of “Ocean Avenue” by Steve Aoki and Yellowcard is available below.

Let’s get into this epic blend of nostalgia and innovation, a testament to the timeless appeal of great music and the magic of creative collaboration.

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