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Tale Of Us’ Anyma Shares New Single

Tale Of Us’ latest masterpiece, “Pictures Of You,” now captivating audiences worldwide

Tale Of Us entrancing single, enriched with ethereal melodies and the mesmerizing charm of a female lead vocal, is the newest gem to emerge from the collaboration between Interscope and the iconic Afterlife label. Immerse yourself in the audio-visual experience with the official visualiser, a feast for both ears and eyes, available for your viewing pleasure.


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Released hot on the heels of Anyma‘s groundbreaking debut album “Genesys” from August of the previous year—a project teeming with stellar collaborations featuring the likes of Grimes and CamelPhat – “Pictures Of You” it’s a journey. This auditory delight made its first appearance during Anyma’s electrifying set at the packed-to-the-rafters Afterlife Los Angeles event, accompanied by the spellbinding visuals crafted by the renowned digital and multimedia virtuoso, Tobias Gremmler.

But the musical voyage doesn’t end there. Anyma, the creative force behind this auditory marvel, also lent their remixing talents to Lana Del Rey’s haunting “Say Yes To Heaven” last August, adding another layer to their rich tapestry of work.

Tale Of Us

Currently, Anyma is on the road, bringing their unique soundscapes to the eagerly awaiting crowds of the Afterlife Latin America tour. With stops in illustrious cities such as Medellín, Lima, São Paulo, Buenos Aires, Guadalajara and Mexico City, the tour is a testament to the unifying power of music. The journey doesn’t stop there – the tour is set to make waves at the Miami Music Week with an unforgettable two-day event on 20th and 21st March.

Looking ahead, Anyma is slated to grace the stage at Paris’ monumental La Defense Arena on 13th April, setting the scene for what promises to be an amazing performance. The musical odyssey continues with a return to the US, where Anyma will showcase their talents at this year’s Coachella festival, taking place on 14th and 21st April, promising to be an unforgettable experience.

Tale Of Us

“Pictures Of You” it’s an invitation to embark on a musical journey that transcends boundaries and connects souls. Join Tale Of Us and Anyma as they weave their magic, creating soundscapes that resonate with the heart and stir the soul.

Don’t miss out on this auditory voyage by Anyma from Tale Of Us’ that promises to leave an indelible mark on the music scene. 🎵🎵

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