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Tik Tok & Universal Media Group Together Again

Tik Tok Rejoins After Licensing Accord: Universal Music Group Strikes a Chord

Tik Tok as Universal Music Group (UMG) stages a triumphant return, courtesy of a groundbreaking licensing pact inked with the platform. This harmony heralds the revival of tracks from iconic artists like Taylor Swift, Drake and Kendrick Lamar, amplifying the Tik Tok soundscape once more.

Earlier this year, UMG pressed pause on its Tik Tok tracks, citing the sunset of its licensing deal. This hiatus silenced fan-favorite tunes, leaving creators without their beloved beats from the likes of Aphex Twin to Skrillex.


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UMG’s departure was underscored by allegations of injustice, accusing Tik Tok of shortchanging artists in comparison to other social giants. Despite the platform’s soaring user numbers and ad profits, its music contribution barely made a blip on UMG’s revenue radar.

But the silence didn’t last. Now, in a symphony of collaboration, UMG and the platform have harmonized anew. UMG’s maestro, Sir Lucian Grainge, sings praises of this renewal, emphasizing the value of music and the welfare of creators.

Aslo, the app’s CEO, Shou Chew, echoes the sentiment, recognizing music’s integral role in the platform’s heartbeat.

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Beyond the artist comeback, this deal duets with the challenge of generative AI in music. With concerns mounting, both parties pledge to safeguard human artistry and the livelihoods of artists and songwriters.

But the encore doesn’t end there. The partnership promises a crescendo of monetization opportunities for artists, leveraging Tik Tok’s blossoming e-commerce landscape. Think artist-centric tools, enhanced analytics, and seamless ticketing integration.

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Meanwhile, across the Atlantic, the beat goes on with Tik Tok under scrutiny. UK drill content removals surge, spotlighting the platform’s evolving content policies amidst growing regulatory pressures.

In the ever-evolving dance of tech, music, and regulation, this collaboration strikes a chord of innovation and inclusivity, promising a harmonious future for creators and fans alike.

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