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Tomorrowland New 2024 CORE Stage

Tomorrowland has recently taken the global festival scene by storm with the debut of its mesmerizing CORE stage in Mexico

Tomorrowland’s own creative wizards, taking over a year of meticulous planning and design to come to fruition. The stage made its grand entrance at the second edition of CORE Tulum on the 13th of January, marking a new chapter in festival experiences.

Described as a once-impossible 3D design fantasy, the CORE stage was initially conceptualized for Tomorrowland’s digital festival. The team, however, was determined to breathe life into this dream, transforming a digital marvel into a tangible masterpiece. “Turning dreams into reality” became the mantra for the creative team as they brought this ambitious project to life.


Nestled in the heart of Tulum’s lush jungle, the stage is a stunning amalgamation of natural beauty and technological prowess. It boasts an impressive stature, standing 17 meters tall and stretching 30 meters wide. The CORE stage dazzles with 209 dynamic lights, water geysers, LED flares, fog effects and more, creating an immersive sensory experience.

The inaugural event showcased an electrifying lineup featuring industry giants like Boys Noize, Diplo, Disclosure, HAAi, and Mind Against. This was complemented by a unique audiovisual spectacle tailor-made for the CORE stage. Emphasizing alternative house and techno rhythms, the stage is set to be a haven for both renowned artists and emerging talent.


The excitement doesn’t end in Tulum. Plans are afoot for the CORE stage to embark on a global journey, popping up at various Tomorrowland events worldwide. This includes its anticipated appearance at Tomorrowland’s main summer festival. The design of the stage is ingeniously geared for travel, with inflatable decorations and easily deconstructable fixtures, all fitting neatly into one container.


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While the CORE stage’s next destinations are shrouded in mystery, it’s confirmed to feature at Tomorrowland’s flagship event in Belgium in 2024. The spokesperson hinted at “exciting news soon,” teasing more surprises in store for fans. As Tomorrowland continues to innovate and push boundaries, the CORE stage stands as a testament to their commitment to creating unparalleled experiences, blending nature, technology and music in perfect harmony. 💙


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