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Tomorrowland’s Unstoppable Journey: From 2005 to 2090

Tomorrowland Secures Epic 66-Year Pact for ‘De Schorre Park’.

Unveiling a monumental chapter in its illustrious history, Tomorrowland, the ultimate global festival phenomenon, has inked a game-changing 66-year pact to firmly entrench itself at its beloved abode in Boom’s enchanting De Schorre Park.

This spectacular gathering of electronic music devotees, boasting a staggering 400,000 revelers this year, has attained its crowning glory as it clinched the esteemed title of the “No.1 Festival in the World” in the 2023 DJ Mag Top 100 Festivals poll.


For nearly two decades, Tomorrowland has been a resplendent fixture on the landscape of De Schorre Park, nestled on the periphery of the magnificent Antwerp, Belgium. Since its inaugural appearance in 2005, it has become a sacred pilgrimage for music lovers.

Fast forward to the present, a historic deal has been forged to ensure Tomorrowland’s continued reign at its current sanctuary until the far-off horizon of 2090. This visionary accord paves the way for Tomorrowland to invest comprehensively in De Schorre, a strategic move that promises substantial returns in the years to come.

In the chronicles of Tomorrowland, the festival has etched its indelible mark on De Schorre since 2005. Their commitment to enhancing the park is evident in transformative projects such as the iconic Stairway to Unity, the mesmerizing One World Bridge, the dazzling Spark sculptures and remarkable stage area upgrades that made their grand debut prior to the year 2023.

Furthermore, the festival has also revitalized the essential infrastructure, reinforcing cabling, water systems and constructing wheelchair-accessible pathways for the convenience of all attendees.

In a resounding declaration, festival partners enthusiastically affirm “The successful partnership of the past two decades remains unshaken. We remain steadfast in our mission to promote sustainable water usage and cultivate native greenery on the grounds. The festival’s footprint is now adorned with well-planned roads and squares, while an intricate electricity, data, and fiber optic network now crisscrosses the landscape.”

Also, just last week, Tomorrowland Winter dropped an electrifying sneak peek of its 2024 lineup, promising an unforgettable spring soiree. The star-studded cast includes Afrojack, Amber Broos, Andromedik, Armin van Buuren, B Jones, Lost Frequencies, MATTN, Netsky, Steve Aoki and many more.


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There’s more. The fest unveiled a captivating new documentary, “We Are Tomorrow,” in an exclusive partnership with Amazon Music. Directed by the talented Wim Bonte, this 30-minute masterpiece delves into the heart and soul of the festival’s music and global community. It’s a must-watch that you can’t afford to miss. Find it below. 🎶

In the world of festivals, Tomorrowland stands as an unrivaled beacon of music, unity and euphoria. With a boundless future secured at De Schorre Park, it’s a testament to Tomorrowland’s unwavering commitment to elevating the festival experience and making history, one beat at a time. 🎶🎶🎶

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