Yamaha Unveils The Next Big Thing: First Ever Finger Drum Pads

Yamaha Unveils The Next Big Thing: First Ever Finger Drum Pads

Drumroll, please! Yamaha’s all-new FGDP Series finger drum pads are here, promising unparalleled drumming freedom. Portable? Check. Built-in speaker? You got it. Suited for pros and beginners alike? Absolutely. Both FGDP-30 and FGDP-50 come packed with features that adapt to your drumming finesse. From nuanced velocity shifts to polyphonic aftertouch sensors, every tap, swipe or slam is captured in its purest form.

FGDP-30: Experience 48 preset kits and 1,500 voices. Plus, enjoy seamless USB MIDI and Audio Data connectivity.

FGDP-50: Elevate your beats with extra presets, vivacious RGB pads, a rhythmic note repeat function and a dynamic playback sampler.

Matt Rudin, the visionary from Yamaha US, shared “The FGDP Series is our ode to every music enthusiast. Whether you’re a finger drumming maestro or just starting out, we’ve got your back.”

Fun Fact: This year saw Yamaha adding more magic to their musical ensemble with the CK electric piano range. And nostalgia hit hard with Baby Audio’s rendition of Yamaha’s 1982 CS01 synth, now the modern BA-1 plugin.

Curious? Explore the rhythm revolution of the FGDP series on Yamaha’s official website.