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Yamaha’s Ultimate Game-Changer For 2023

Revamp Your Sound with Yamaha’s Stellar Upgrade: The Montage M

Discover the future of sound with Yamaha’s all-new Montage M. Building on the undeniable success of the beloved Montage, this stellar upgrade ushers in a new era for digital workstations. Dive into unparalleled sonic richness with its game-changing AN-X audio engine, which stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the enhanced AMX2 engine and the vintage-vibed FM-X. The latter draws inspiration from Yamaha’s time-honored classics such as the DX7.

The new Montage M by Yamaha

Ever dreamed of recreating the magic of vintage synths? The AN-X engine is a dream come true, boasting three oscillators, dual filters, dynamic LFOs for amplitude and filter cutoff, and – here’s the kicker – a voltage drift emulation to faithfully capture the nuances of vintage synth behavior.

Sound layering becomes a limitless playground with the Montage M’s whopping 400 voices of polyphony. That’s right, layer an astounding 400 notes across the three pristine synth engines – and with each engine having its own 128 voices, the Montage M takes sonic depth to another level. Looking for storage? The M for sure has got your back, doubling its predecessor’s memory to a generous 9.97GB of Preset Wave memory and offering up to 3.8GB of customizable user flash storage.

For those in love with Yamaha’s legendary synth sounds, rejoice! The magic of the CS-80 and the emblematic GX-1 have been meticulously modelled inside the Montage M. Navigate through these iconic sounds and more via the intuitive seven-inch TFT touchscreen. And for the producers out there, stay tuned! Yamaha is unveiling an Expanded Softsynth Plugin next year to seamlessly integrate the Montage with your DAW.

Keen on owning this sonic masterpiece? The Montage M is priced starting at £3,219 and is available for immediate purchase. Go for its sound demo below.

Also, whispers from the grapevine back in 2019 hinted at Yamaha possibly reviving the iconic CS80. While nothing’s etched in stone yet, who knows what Yamaha has up its sleeve next? Hmmm, remain to find out. 😀

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