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ZEDD First Album In 9 Years

Zedd Announces “Telos”: A New Era in Music Set to Unfold

Zedd has electrified the music world with the announcement of his latest album, “Telos”, marking his first full-length release in almost a decade. Set to drop on August 30th, this highly anticipated album is poised to redefine dance music narratives and captivate audiences worldwide.


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Following the massive success of his 2015 album “True Colors”, which unleashed iconic dance tracks like “Beautiful Now” and the Selena Gomez collaboration “I Want You to Know”, “Telos” promises to be a groundbreaking follow-up. Revealed via a series of engaging posts across his social media platforms, Zedd’s new project has already sparked immense curiosity and excitement among fans and critics alike.


The title “Telos” is steeped in philosophical richness, derived from the ancient Greek word τέλος, signifying “end”, “purpose”, or “goal”. This concept was famously explored by Aristotle and is integral to the study of teleology, which interprets events not merely by their causes but by the purpose they fulfill.

Zedd (Anton Zaslavski) has hinted that “Telos” might explore these profound themes. In a candid interview with USA Today, he expressed his desire to revive the lost art of meaningful album creation. “I miss the days where albums were crafted with a deeper intent, offering a journey rather than just a collection of tracks,” Zedd shared. “Given all I’ve accomplished, I continually ask myself: What’s the value of creating music if it doesn’t profoundly move both the artist and the audience?”


As August nears, the anticipation builds. Zedd’s “Telos” it’s an invitation to experience a musical odyssey that promises to blend nostalgic elements with innovative sounds. Fans eager for a taste of this sonic evolution can pre-save the album now.

Stay tuned for more updates and be sure to check out the album’s evocative artwork, heralding the dawn of a new era in the DJ illustrious career.

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