Denny Devero - Get Back | Epic Tones

Denny Devero

Get Back


Denny Devero‘s new song Get Back is making waves with its expansive soundscape and unparalleled production value.


With rich textures, various synths, and invigorating rhythms, this Future House track offers listeners a unique form of energy that will fill them with emotion. Boasting an uplifting atmosphere and emotive melodies, Get Back encourages those who hear it to have fun and let the music move them.

The track shines through as one of the most inspiring pieces to come out of Denny’s production world! This tune will undoubtedly prove itself to be more than just another record.From beginning to end, Get Back transports you to a different space made from sonically lush audio production that propels you into beautiful sonic grooves!


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GENRE: Dance

RELEASE DATE: 27 Oct 2023

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