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Jay Elio

Blue Emotions


The new single from Jay Elio is a must-have addition to your music collection.


Jay Elio – Blue Emotions is a chill dance song that will take your emotions on an unforgettable journey. Perfect for the end of the summer vibe, this song has a sound that will have you feeling the beat and swaying your hips. Here at Epic Tones Records we are thrilled to have the opportunity to release this amazing work of art.

Jay Elio had crafted the perfect chills track that will leave you mesmerized and wanting more. With a unique blend of indie and dance, theme vocals that will have you feeling immersed in a world of emotion and sound. This uplifting track is sure to captivate not only music fans, but also radio stations, playlist curators, and DJs alike. Really let the music speak to your soul and send you to a pleasant place.

Blue Emotions is the perfect track to help you celebrate the end of the summer.



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GENRE: Dance

RELEASE DATE: 8 Sep 2023

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