Xan Castel - Hold Me Down | Epic Tones

Xan Castel

Hold Me Down


Xan Castel is back with his latest offering, ‘Hold Me Down’. Featuring Xan Castel’s high-energy style and powerful beats, this song will have you shaking your hips in no time. As soon as you press play, the driving rhythms captivate and make way for pounding bass lines, accompanied by strong vocal melodies. The intricate layers of synth, strings and sound effects come together in perfect harmony.

‘Hold Me Down’ is like an escape route to a world where you can be totally immersed in its pulse-pounding energy. It takes all the elements of music to the next level and creates a truly unique sonic experience. So, push the volume up and kick back as the beat carries you away.

GENRE: Dance

RELEASE DATE: 24 Feb 2023

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